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 Even in daytime those fighting do not perceive everything, indeed no one knows anything more than what is going on right about himself.  Thucydides


A history of Sparta 480-192 BC




We are number one

My name is John L Whalley and this is my home on the web. I have been a computer  analyst/programmer since 1974.

      My main areas of expertise are Cobol, Ads/IDMS and Natural/Adabas using the  running on DOS/VSE and MVS operating systems. I also have some expertise in Linux and Web authoring.

      I began my computer life with British Aircraft Corporation Military division after graduating from the University of East Anglia with a  Honours degree in History. I graduated from there to a very dodgy software house which I escaped from in 1979 to become what we poor permies always envied, an independent computer contractor. One of those people who seem to know everything but actually know very little (not totally true) but get paid lots (ditto) all the same. With this comes the trappings of accountants, inland revenue and vat audits and eventually even government legislation and the enmity of paymaster generals. From these humble beginnings I grew into a limited company of one where the paperwork and the rate of pay multiplied. I found myself a cosy niche in an 18 year contract for a multinational paper company going through several operating and software systems until the final metamorphosis to JDE saw the end of me.  

I have now escaped from the UK and the Blair/Brown despotism and am living in Davao in Mindanao, much safer and friendlier than Streatham, raising pigs, crops and running a little people carrying service.

      Should you require a more detailed profile of my employment history and expertise please feel free to contact me.


contact name: John Whalley